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Type of Driving Simulator

Type of Driving Simulator

The driving simulator was originally applied for entertainment (games) as well as training of driver education programs taught in private educational and business institutions. They are also used for analysis objectives in the areas of personal factors and medical analysis, to monitor driver habits, performance, and concentration and in the car industry to design and evaluate new vehicles. If you want to know how good you in driving, you can use a driving simulator. Visit our website and get further information.

The need for driving training tool today is undeniable given the highway conditions and automotive technology are often not in line. The idea of making a virtual driving trainer actually has been around for a long time. Around the 1950s, a technician from the United States named Conkling Chedister simulator nicknamed Aetna Roadometer. The basic shape is not much different from the current simulator. The difference is only when it is heavier and less interactive. So the user just sits and is confronted on a screen showing the video of the state of the highway. In the process, their driving reaction must adjust the obstacle according to the scenario in the show

The driving simulator was originally used to train a person to be able to drive a car around the world, in its development, the Driving Simulator employed various driving training needs in critical driving conditions, behavioral driving analysis, driver responses and car user performance. In some countries, driving simulators are used for the test of obtaining a Driver’s License. Research has shown that driving simulators are proving excellent as practical and effective educational tools to provide safe driving technique training for all drivers. There are different types of driving simulators that are in use such as rail simulators, bus simulators, car simulators, truck simulators, etc.

Type of driving simulator, among others:

– Modular design simulator:
This type can be configured for use as dump trucks, tractor, and other construction transports, airports operated vehicles, emergency response and police vehicles chase, buses, subway trains, passenger vehicles and heavy equipment such as cranes.

– Multi-driving simulator station:
This type of simulator allows one to train more driver instructors in a limited time. The system is equipped with an instructor station that allows centralized control of all the driving stations. The advantage of this type of system is that a coach can guide several students driving at the same time thus saving time and reducing costs.

In this simulator, the user is like driving his original vehicle. For example, a four-wheeled vehicle simulator. There are the steering wheel, gas pedal, brake, clutch, and also gear and speedometer. Therefore the police use this technology because it is more than enough to know how can someone use the vehicle.