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How is the Right Way to Hold Steer?

How is the Right Way to Hold Steer?

In driving a car, of course, the role of the steering wheel is very important in directing the vehicle to the desired destination. Steering is learner and practiced extensively in the car driving simulator. Basically, there are two techniques:

  • the pass-through method. Put your hand on the wheel at the quarter to three position. Push up with the left hand from the middle left to the top of the steering wheel and then pull the wheel down with the righ hand. This is the preferred method for regular steering.
  • the cross over method: this method is used when you have to steer very fast at low speed. It works as follows. steer with your left hand from the middle left of the steering wheel to he middle right, and then cross over with the right handand steer it from the middle left to the middle right position.

These techniques have to be automated during the course of driving instruction. In order to have sufficient practice in a short period of time, the first method must be trained on a circuit where there are a lot of bends in the road. In that case, you can practice a large amount of steering aactions in a lesson of an hour. To automate the steering skill, the should be no other distractions of traffic, so the learner driver can focus on just this one skill.

The second method needs to be practiced on a circuit with a lot of 90 degrees turns where the learner driver has to turn left of right at an intersection or drive to sharp bends. Also, preferably with any other traffic or diversions. Steering is the basis for all driving, and if the learner driver can do this automatically without having to give this task any active attention, the basis if formed to learn all the other tasks of driving.




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