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Easy To Set Up!   Sample pages and assistance provided free.
Fully Indexed on-line User Manual with search functions.
Fully customizable and multi-column Web Page Layouts.
The extensive web page templating includes inserting Headers, Footers, and Navigation from external files.
Options are available to create static pages from the data base for search engine optimization.
Next and Previous Page buttons, to step through product pages, are controlled from the data base via the web interface.
Request forms for Contact Us, Guest Books, and Technical Questions are supported and recorded in Excel compatible data bases.  Up to 99 questions can be asked.
A separate Message Board Server is available or you can use the built in Blogging with passwording.
Unlimited Number of Products.
Both short and extended Product Descriptions for each item.
HTML may be included in Titles and Product Descriptions.
Product Grouping covers multiple levels (i.e. Clothing, Formal & Shirts)
Multi-level product Table of Contents and Indexes.
Multiple item selections (i.e. Size, Weight & Color) with automatic pulldowns.
Order multiple Items with one click for customized package deals.
Automatic pulldowns can handle multiple prices for item options.
Up to 25 items per Invoice.
E-Mail and printable invoices available for Orders, Quotes, or Purchase Orders to vendors.
Hard Goods Order Fulfillment Tracking.
Wholesale prices, Vendor, Reseller, and Sales Force support.
Selected or sequential banners or specials on home page.
Multiple state tax calculations for Taxable and Non-Taxable items.
Multiple discounts, gift certificates and free items for sales promotions.
Domestic and international shipping calculations for multiple carriers.  Precise charges from DHL, FedExp, UPS, & USPS.
Printable Invoices.
Automatic order confirmations for customers, merchants, drop-shippers, and webmaster via E-Mail.
Payment options include Mailed and Electronic Checks, Credit Cards, COD, Purchase Orders, and Paypal.
Optional Real-Time Card Transactions.  (See certification below)
Secure E-Mail to collect Card Numbers and avoid gateway fees.
Credit Card numbers may be retained for rebilling or purged.
Credit card information is always handled on secure (https) pages.
You may use BIZyCart's Security Certificate (SSL) or your own.
Virtual secure Terminal Access for Account Management.
E-Mail to all Customers is included in Account Management.
Web Interface for Catalog, Client, and Configuration Management.
Web Admin Interface includes BIZyCart web page statistics.
Simple or complex Product Searches (Any or All words & Phrase).
Customer Request, Response and Survey forms.
Ability to offer Gift Certificates or Free Gifts based on purchases.
Ability to conduct Surveys with immediate results using bar graphs.
Memberships, Software and Downloadable product support.
Blogging or Posting Pages Blogging and posting pages can be set up with optional passwording.
Password access to Subscriber/Member Areas based on account balance.  Controlled by Days, Months, or Years.
Automatic resizing of uploaded GIF and JPG image files.
Option for customers to Change Prices to enable Bidding.
Ability to arrange the Catalog Data Base differently for each product group.  Sort by Group, Part Number, Title, or any Numeric Code.
All Data Bases, Logs and Records are readily available via FTP.
Backup copies of Data Bases are automatically maintained.
Logs and Records are Excel compatible and faster than SQL.
Cookies are Completely Optional.

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